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Feel The Power

As I wound through the sleepy town of Niagra Falls on this cool, off season day, I couldn’t help but be excited. This natural wonder of the modern world held a spot in my mind. I have watched the History Channel and Discovery Channel specials with great interest and have wondered what the falls would […]

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Don’t Do This When Stretching Your Shoulder

If you look like this when you are performing your posterior capsule stretch for your shoulder…stop. It is a common error. I have a picture down below on my blog of what correct execution looks like. The elbow should stay at a 90 degree angle and the elbow should be directly in front of the […]

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Stop Doing This If You Value Your Shoulders

Here is the answer to the question I posed in my last post on shoulder injuries; •Shoulder injuries make up a particularly large proportion of injuries in the following sports:o Baseball: 18 percento Wrestling: 18 percento Football: 12 percento Softball: 10 percent I was about to go on a tirade about upright rows and did […]

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Shoulder Injuries Galore

The shoulder joint is a complex and highly mobile part of the body. It’s high degree of mobility leaves it with a low degree of stability. I have had 5 shoulder separations all together and not one of the has been fun:) Guess which sport has the highest percent of shoulder injuries? Baseball?Wrestling?Football?Softball? I delivered […]

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Does Your Dentist Drive Foreign or American?

This is my daughter Abigail enjoying a candy apple at her cousins in NY. I am still amazed at how poorly kids today eat. From soda to hard candy to snacks that tout their “natural” ingredients. It is rampant. I will stay away from the obesity epidemic that has been rotting our country for the […]

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