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Shoulder Stabilization for Christmas Tree Decorating

This is the earliest that I ever remember getting a Christmas Tree. It usually takes until the second or third week of December for me to get into the holiday spirit, but I had a great day with the wife and kids decorating the tree and may warm up to the season a little earlier […]

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Persistance Overcomes Resistance: Don’t Quit On Your Posture for Optimal Athletic Performance

Do you see Rudy? He is wearing #45 Rudy Ruettiger harbored a dream to play for one of the all time great college football Ara Parseghian and the Fighting Irish football team of Notre Dame. Tall hopes for almost any athlete, but he was only 5′ 7″ and 165 pounds (far shorter and lighter than […]

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How Much Is Too Much Range of Motion for The Shoulder Joint on Young Athletes?

Isn’t this pleasant? Some aspiring young athletes diligently preparing for their swimming workout by doing exactly as there coach has mandated? So sweet…look at their anterior shoulder capsules tearing as we speak, just precious. I hope the sarcasm is obvious. The person that is teaching these young girls this probably has zero investment into their […]

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Never Do This Exercise if You Want Healthy Shoulders, Especially If You Are A Tennis Player

A very intelligent man who has been widely regarded in the health, fitness and performance industry as a got to “guru” recently said at a national conference on tennis performance and conditioning that upright rows were one of the staple exercises tennis players should be performing on a regular basis. My jaw drops and blood […]

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How Do You Think His Shoulder Feels After He Plays Tennis?

Actually, it’s not just his shoulder. Shoulder dysfunction often manifests itself as elbow pain or tendinitis, wrist pain and/or headaches.Good posture is the the most basic common denominator proven to facilitate longevity and athletic performance enhancement. Your sport does not matter, the alignment of your structure does. With all of the tennis players that I […]

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