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To Washington D.C. and Back!

As I get ready to run from the shuttle to the gate at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC I am reflecting on my day. 1:37 am go to bed after doing/folding laundry and cleaning pots and pans/loading/running dishwasher Alarm goes off at 4:45 am Get in my car and promptly break the switch that […]

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The Kinetic Chain

This picture here has several independent segments highlighted. What does each of the segments share in common?…..They are all either directly or indirectly attached. The wonder of the body and the human movement system (often referred to as the Kinetic Chain) allows for a fluid and complex series of interactions between the muscular system, skeletal […]

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Why Does It Really Hurt?

If we are discussing posture and human movement, then we must discuss the Active System and the Passive System. The Active System is comprised of contractile tissue of the body, the muscles and tendons. It can absorb, reduce, store and produce forces. It’s counter part is the Passive System and is comprised of the non […]

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But My Knee Only Hurts After I Play Tennis…

There are not that many knee injuries in the young athletes that I see…but when I look at the courts at the fancy high end tennis clubs and I see knee braces and joint replacements all over the place. I see some patella-femoral pain (often due to tight ankles and weak cores) but parents and […]

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It Does’nt Matter What You Do For work

Service is the foundation for any business. To quote my friend Bobby Cappuccio (who was most likely quoting some other notable) “service is the rent we pay for living”. From the tennis pro or fitness professional/performance enhancement specialist/strength coach or general contractor. How you interact with and treat others is the lynch pin that holds […]

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