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Is Your Strength Training for Tennis Too Intense?

Well something tells my this guy just got surprised by a malfunctioning ball machine or is just generally just way to tense. No need to stress about a strength training program for tennis players however. Most people just jump right into traditional strength training programs and are not ready and they end up seeing short […]

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Tennis or Shoveling?

Is there any wonder why visits Chiropractic offices and days off from work and recreational activities rise due to injury in the winter months here in the Northeast? We were not meant to flex and rotate our spines while holding a long lever (shovel) loaded down by external load (snow)…hundred of times an hour! Just […]

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Early treatment key for stroke victims

This is worth sharing and is not about the city of Stoke in England. My mother in law has had 6 strokes in the last 3 years. If you suspect someone is having a stroke…get them to a hospital immediately! Please read on… Eric BeardCorrective Exercise SpecialistAthletic Peformacne Enhancement By Courtney Westlake CORRESPONDENT Posted […]

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Rotator Cuff Scam

I used to get excited when I heard athletes, doctors, trainers or just about anyone mention strengthening the rotator cuff (or rotator cup as we have all heard a few dozens times I am sure). I was happy that people even knew what it was and acknowledge that their were imbalances around the “shoulder joint” […]

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Read This to Save a Life!

My mother in law just had another stroke, actually at least two but we are waiting for the results from an MRI. The x-ray shows significant arterial blockages (with cholesterol). She had a series of three major strokes within a few days of each other back in 2005 and was even admitted to Mass General […]

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