Don’t Treat Your Customers This way

I just got back from teaching a Corrective Exercise Specialist workshop in Los Angeles. The workshop was fantastic but…when I landed at LAX on Thursday night about 8:10 pm pst, weary from a 6 hour flight and feeling that it was really 11:10 pm est for me. When I arrived at the Hertz rental center they had my reservation which is always good, but did not have the pre-paid authorization from my company…which is always bad. Terniece was my representative from Hertz and gave off the feeling that shes was not at all interested in actually helping me. She made me feel kike she just wanted me away from her counter (with or without a car) as fast as possible. Needless to say she came off as rude, disinterested and unaware of how to help me with this issue. I politely asked to speak with a manager to assist us with this dilemma. The manager, who’s name I forgot, seemed equally as interested in delivering canned responses and displaying her ignorance to her companies policies and intricacies. A 30 minute call to my travel agent, another 30 minutes of waiting around later I drove away with the problem solved, not thanks to those two.

With the economy the way it is today, shouldn’t most customer driven companies (which every company really) do everything they can to keep their customers or at least each sale? The very basics; know your company’s policies and procedures (especially if you are a manager!), work congenially with your patron to bring issues to a resolution or at least pretend like you care. I can forgive ignorance (I am ignorant about many things) but not apathy!

I hope you give and receive better customer service this holiday season and the whole year round.

Thanks for reading,

Eric Beard
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist

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