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Shoulder Health For Tennis Players and Overhead Athletes

Hi there, I had a few minutes to make this video for you. Watch this 3 and a 1/2 minute video to learn one of the most powerful injury prevention techniques for the shoulder and elbow!  Thank you for watching. Eric Beard Corrective Exercise Specialist Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist Share| Twitter Username: Twitter […]

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Australian Open and Tennis Injuries

“Tsonga recovers in time for Australian Open Monday, 19 January , 2009, 12:27 Melbourne: Australian Open organisers were breathing a sigh of relief Monday after 2008 finalist Jo-Wilfried Tsonga declared himself fit enough to play after a back injury scare. “I’m feeling much better than the previous days and excited to go out there,” said […]

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Snow Tennis Anyone?

We had another snow storm here today. It started late last night and ended about 2pm and gave us about 8 inches of pure powder to play with. After multiple shoveling trips and sledding with the kids I started thinking about playing outside. I play ice hockey and that is natural to play outside on […]

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Tennis Power and Biomechanics

What do the baby in this picture and the tennis player in this video have in common? They are both using their glutes (hips/core) during their movement. Most people I see do not use their glutes well. They force too much movement at the spine instead. This wastes power, causes premature fatigue and sets people […]

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US Airways Crash

Are You Kidding ME!!! As I was sitting on the tarmac at Boston’s Logan International Airport at about 3:55 and my wife called and told me that there was a plane crash in New York (which is where I was heading). This is not what you want to hear when you are heading to New […]

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