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Is Tom Brady’s Knee and ACL Ready to Go? Inside Infomation From A Corrective Exercise Specialist…

Ever show up on the right date, the right day, the right time but to the wrong place? That happened to me today. I showed up at the MGH PT clinic (pictured to the left) to do a presentation for Life Fitness Academy and they had no idea who I was (which is no big […]

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My Knees Hurt, What Should I Do? Corrective Exercise of Course!

Corrective Exercise for Knee Pain I have had countless tennis players come to me with “sore knees”.Well, the knee joints are pretty important to all of us whether we are running around a green, grassy, blue or clay court chasing a fuzzy green ball. Even a couple of hundred yeas ago, if our knees joints […]

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How Can Sitting On Your Rear Hurt Your Elbow? Corrective Exercise and Manual Therapy Can Help!

Hi There Does this look and feel familiar? Even for those of us who move our body for a portion of the work day must get stuck with the inevitable paper and or computer work. My student athletes are subjected to these postures for 6 plus hours a day at school, never mind meals, transportation […]

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Busy in Beantown: From 2 Day Workshops to Corrective Exercise and Tennis Training Video

Wow! Back on Monday after a great weekend. I taught a 2 day workshop on the Essentials of Personal Training for the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Boston, MA this weekend. A fun group. Several of them had been to presentations that I have delivered in the past. It was good to see them […]

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USA Women’s Rugby; Powerful, Tough Women Need Ankle Mobility and Core Stability Too

Today I had the pleasure of working with a member of one of the USA Women’s Rugby Teams. I won’t say which one to keep client confidentiality, but there are more more one team and many women on the team scattered around the US. She was referred to me for some manual therapy for a […]

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