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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment or Corrective Exercise? Does it "Feel Better" or is it "Getting" Better?

There is so much information out there for patients, clients and athletes to access and probably even more for practitioners serving them. It easy easy to be critical of most of it since in most cases, practitioners are honestly trying to help others, except for those trying to make a quick buck! I received and […]

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ACSM Summit: Corrective Exercise for the Shoulder, Fun, Networking and More!

I had the privilege of delivering a presentation at the American College of Sports Medicine 2009 Summit in Atalanta Georgia last Thursday and Friday. We stayed at the Omni hotel right at the CNN Center! It was awesome! This was practically the view from my room! I have attended the ACSM Summit in the past, […]

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STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! What About Your Corrective Exercise?

I am at the American College of Sports Medicine 13th Annual Health and Fitness Summitto deliver two runs of my presentation “Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments”. I have been enjoying the show and the first run of the presentation went great! We deliver it again tomorrow night for the cameras and it will be distributed […]

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Shoulder Injuries Waiting to Happen; Corrective Exercise vs. Rehabilitation

Happy Monday! As I was perusing the Internet, looking for “stuff’ to blog about I came across an article that appeared in a major market online newspaper written by a self professed “personal trainer and rehabilitation specialist“. This “rehabilitation specialist wrote about these two exercise to do at home if you do not have equipment;“Triceps […]

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The "Core" of Injury Prevention for Tennis Players and All Athletes; Core Training

After a great tennis lesson from Tim Smith and some kettlebell work yesterday my abs are sore today! In a good way, like many workout enthusiasts, we like know that we did something. Tim was teaching me to quiet the movement of my body and use my lower body (amongst a flurry of other cues) […]

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