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If You Do Dips; Corrective Exercise and/or Surgery Are Inevitable (Revisited)

The topic of dips comes up at workshops that I teach pretty frequently. They have been a staple of the body building, group exercise and body weight training scene for years. A simple take off on the parallel bars or rings in gymnastics. So what’s the big deal about dips??? Well Google shoulder pain and […]

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This Corrective Exercise, Kettlebell and Training Rope Circuit June 2009 Did Me In!

Happy Monday All! I am spending a good chunk of my time today at my desk and look forward to getting up and moving! I had one of my trainers work me out a couple times over the last few weeks. Why? because I believe in what I do and if I want other people […]

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Corrective Exercise, Personal Training Workshop in DC, Travel Tribulations and Willie Nelson???

I can hear Willie Nelson in my ears… “on the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again…” Isn’t that is backwards though? I want to go home. I am sitting in Reagan International Airport in Washington, DC after teaching an Essentials of Personal Training workshop with my buddy Tony, waiting […]

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Corrective Exercise and Core Stabilization to Decrease Hamstring Tension

I am in Virgina (right on the DC line) to teach an NASM CPT Workshop the next two days with my good friend and fellow Corrective Exercise Specialist, Tony Ambler-Wright. Tony is working on a REALLY cool super-secret project that I can not write about! DOH! Anyway…he handed me a research study that he heard […]

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Knee Pain: Quad vs. Glute Dominant Lunges

Time for a short video…about a minute and a half. I was asked a question about lunges and knee pain, whether front or back lunges are easier on the knees. In the video I talk about the difference between quadriceps dominant lunges vs. glute dominant lunges. Quad dominant lunges are the more traditional 90/90 lunge […]

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