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The Elite Strongmen Know How to Disassociate, Squat and Yes Do Their Corrective Exercise

My friend Jason Nunn of Nunn’s Performance Training and asked me if I had read the article in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research “Comparison of Different Strongman Events: Trunk Muscle Activation and Lumbar Spine Motion, Load and Stiffness” by Stuart  McGill, Art McDermott and Chad M.J. Fenwick. My answer was “no” but […]

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Stop Stretching Your Hamstrings! Well…at Least Most of You, but Corrective Exercise is a must!

Hi guys and gals, I did a s 3 minute follow up video to the post that I did talking about what to do if a client has ‘tight” hamstrings. this video talks more about rationale and “why”. Feel free to follow me on You Tube and leave a comment here or on you Tube! […]

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Assessing Overactivity in the Adductor Magnus

When the addcutor magnus is overactive/tight and synergistically dominant for weak glutes, it teams up with the TFL to wreak havoc at the hip joint, restrictiong joint capsules and restriction internal rotation. This causes accessory movement and strain on other joints like the knee joint and scaro-illiac joint (never mind the shoulder up throguh the neck!).

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Corrective Exercise for Glute Maximus (Top 5)

The Glutes are one of the most important muscles groups in the human body. Unfortunately, they are often one of the most underdeveloped. This video will cover the top 5 exercises to strengthen the glutes. Corrective Exercise, athletic performance enhancement and injury prevention sessions will all be enhanced with these techniques.

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