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Atlanta Personal Trainer Workshop for NASM and Back Home Again, This Corrective Exercise Specialist Enjoyed!

Back from another fun trip! It is 12:48 am and got home from teaching an essentials of  personal training workshop (Certified Personal Trainer) about 35 minutes ago. Now that the dog has calmed down, I have had a snack and the cat has said “hello” I wanted to give a brief addendum to my report […]

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Teaching an NASM Personal Trainer Workshop in Atlanta Thinking about

Happy Friday all! I am enjoying a High Protein Mocha Almond Smoothie from Smoothie King in Atlanta. I love Smoothie King! I think they do a pretty good job with variety and quality of products. I think that IntaJuice may have a healthier product line but I do not see the around too often. It […]

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Corrective Exercise on The Fitter for the Scapular Stabilizers

Hi guys and gals, Here is a vid that I put together about using the Fitter. A great tool for corrective exercise and conditioning the athletic shoulder. Remember, the rotator cuff needs a stable base to work from. Lock it in by training the scapular stabilizers before attacking the rotator cuff. Let me know what […]

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Corrective Exercise for a Winging Scapulae: Serratus Anterior Foam Roller Progressions

Hi there! Here is another corrective exercise vid from my Secrets and Staples of Training the Athletic Shoulder. Please let me know what you think! Retweet this below and comment please! Thanks for stopping by! Eric Beard CEO A-Team PS. for a FREE DVD on Training the Athletic Shoulder today!!! Share| Twitter […]

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Bacon and Bananas: A Culinary Review by A Corrrective Exercise Specialist

One of the differences between my wife and I is our tolerance for unhealthy foods. Don’t get me wrong, we both eat relatively healthy, but she definitely has an appreciation for some foods that are outside of my realm of acceptable to consume on a regular basis. Bacon is a prime example. Recently we were […]

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