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Does the Grinch Need Corrective Exercise?

I would say so. I mean look at his posture! Don’t act surprised MR. Grinch… It probably started when he was a kid in school like most people… Let’s face it, The Grinch is part of the flexion addiction society that we see around us So when most people are concerned about holidays and shopping […]

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Corrective Exercise Specialist Answers Why Do I Like DotFit?

We not listen to the man, Neil Spruce, himself… I use the DotFit products for myself, wife and children and services for my clients. I use them through Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by! Eric Beard Corrective Exercise Specialist CEO A-Team Share| Twitter Username: Twitter Password: This […]

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Jim Rohn; You Will Be Missed, Thank You!

This man changed my life and thousands of people’s lives world wide. He will be missed. This clip is from Jim Rohn’s website. The Passing of a Legend With great sadness we share that Jim Rohn, our mentor and friend, left us December 5, 2009 for a better place. Over the past 18 months, in […]

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Corrective Exercise Specialist Eric Beard Works With Chinese Tennis Association in Nanjing, China Part II

There was is so much to talk about with a trip like this. I tried to keep everyone up to speed on my Facebook page ( if you want to connect-just type “blog” into your message so I know who you are), but I only got a portion of the stories out… I spent my […]

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Corrective Exercise Specialist Abroad for Tennis: To China and Back!

Glad to be back stateside after an amazing trip. I was in Nanjing China working with the Chinese Tennis Association (the CTA is China’s version of the USTA) during the Nanjing National Clinic. The CTA brought in 30 of their top junior coaches from different provinces throughout the country for two days of advanced coaching […]

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