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Knock The Rust Off With Some Core Stability Work

I literally had 10 minutes at the gym yesterday. This included changing out of my snow boots and winter gear. So really I was left with five minutes. I coach hockey for both of my boys teams and had some shoveling to do and wanted to move well and feel good throughout. What did I […]

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Vertical Core Stability Training

I saw an IDEA video about vertical core training and I thought I’d put together a short video with some progressions and key points on this topic. Core training should be used in corrective exercise programs as well as athletic enhancement programs. The Variables and exercises change of course, but we all need more core […]

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Quick Tip to Improve Dorsiflexion (making your calve stretch more effective)

Happy Thursday Night! I just got home from a trip to Arizona and I am ready for bed, but I wanted to share something with you that I have been using. After I perform soft tissue work on the lower extremity (foam rolling, SMR, manual therapy, trigger point therapy, active release technique…you name it) I […]

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Can You Give Me Some Advice?

So this guy who I am an acquaintance of, actually we have just played hockey together a couple of times, comes up to me at the gym and asks for “some advice”. Then he clarifies and asks me for “some exercises to help this?” and pulls up his sock to show me this He was […]

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Does 30+30+30 Really Equal 90?

It has been too long my friends! Too long to properly update you on my goings on, here are my past three plus months in a nutshell

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