A Pilgrimage to Wrigley, A Heel and Perform Better in Chicago

I had an awesome time representing NASM at the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Chicago last weekend.

This place is MASSIVE!!!

I’m going to summarize my notes from the presentations I attended while in Chi-Town. Not only was it a blast to deliver “Save Your Back: Get Your Butt in Gear!” on Sunday but I was able to see several presentations as well. Between the Providence show and Chicago show I took in a number of talks and got to talk to several of the speakers outside of the conference. I have to tell you that each person that I talked to was friendly, engaging and humble. What an excellent group. The Perform Better staff is equally as amazing! These guys and gals really roll out the red carpet for customers, conference presenters and conference attendees alike.

What a good looking group!

At the conference I ran into a handful of students from workshops that I have lead over the years, a friend that used to work with me in Colorado and the Strength Coach of the Buffalo Bills who I played football with at Springfield College. It’s such a small industry!

Want to see something cool? A college track athlete came to see me wanting to get back into training for their event. Imagine trying to run on a heel that sits like this?
Client Calcaneous Comparison
Their movement assessment was pretty good, but there were some core stability and shoulder issues to go along with the foot/ankle impairment. I did some manual therapy and then some corrective work for the foot/ankle, core and shoulder. The client reports being able to run longer and train harder. They still have a ways to go.

Before I go… a quick picture from my Friday night on the town!

I made a pilgrimage!

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team
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