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Eric Beard

Eric Beard

I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and am a proud father of 3 amazing children! I am passionate about moving, touching and inspiring others. I have been developing individuals in the health and fitness field since 1999. I started pulling hair out of shower drains for a free gym membership in college and haven’t looked back. Having worked my way up through multiple organizations, I have focussed on team building, high performance and leading by example. Learning to work with a multitude of individuals has been an enjoyable journey and I enjoy giving back in one on one coaching sessions and live presentations.

As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Integrated Manual Therapist (LMT) and Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist I work with people 1:1 as well as with teams and groups of athletes. I begin with a thorough evaluation of the entire kinetic chain (human body). I often identify hidden performance inhibitors that are either causing pain elsewhere in the body or hampering performance. Through manual therapy and teaching perfect exercise technique I help to restore optimal human movement. Group and team athletic development begins with specific programs designed to enhance movement patterns and reduce risk of injury. From there, speed, power and performance can be maximized.

As an international presenter, I engage audiences with humor and energy. Personal development and human movement are areas that I particularly excel at delivering presentations on. I deliver presentations at health clubs as well as industry events such as IDEA World, the Perform Better Summit and NEHRSA Conferences. I also work for the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have enjoyed reaching health and fitness professionals through their organization since 2002.

In addition to working with clients and public speaking I provide coaching to individuals who are looking to reach their potential. Coaching sessions include the development of clients’ missions, vision and goals. From goal setting process to strategic plan creation to accountability I can help you reach your professional goals.

If you are interested in working with me as a Corrective Exercise Specialist/Integrated Manual Therapist, hiring me to deliver a memorable presentation that can help your team go to the next level or work with you as a success coach in the fitness industry, please email me. I would love to hear from you!

You can reach me at theericbeard@gmail.com

Eric Beard

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