And The Emmy Goes To… Fitness or Fiction: The Truth About Diet and Exercise

Well, I guess a book can’t win an Emmy but if you looking for a well written, evidence based report on diet and exercise, then check out my buddy Brent Brookbush’s new book “Fitness or Fiction: The Truth About Diet and Exercise.”

It’s well worth the $15 on Amazon and has good stuff in it for fitness professionals and those looking to learn more about diet and exercise and how they relate to your goals. Brent has poured of 6 years of effort into this book! It has been a labor of love and you will benefit from his efforts.

There is too much garbage and hype out there and this book will boil down what you can glean from research, not just opinion. Arm yourself with the knowledge in this text as it will come in handy with your clients or your own health and wellness program.

Enjoy this beautiful fall day!

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