Another Award Show Blog: Oscar Is Here


Was my last post during the Grammys? I guess while my wife is watching the show I get some time to blog away. The just announced the Oscar for best animated film, you know that Toy Story 3 was a slam dunk win there.

I have been busy with my day to day stuff and having fun with my family. I have a couple of You Tube videos to check out, one I uploaded last weekend on SMR pace and one this weekend on disassociating the spine and pelvis.

Self Myofascial Release Tempo: Most People Need to Slow Down!

Disassociate the Spine and the Pelvis (and spine and the shoulder)

On an unrelated topic, I got too skinny this fall and have been putting some weight back on over the last tow months and it feels good! Partly to have some more muscle on my frame and partly because I have had some fun getting sloppy with my diet! Enough is enough though, and it is time to curb the unnecessary caloric intake. I actually took my kids to the pool a couple of times over February vacation just to get them some exercise and have some fun and got a pretty good workout in a couple of time. Even though it was mostly just playing with them, it is easy to get the heart rate up in a couple of minutes in the pool.

This just in…Reese Witherspoon is presenting an award and her shoulders are jacked up! Here is a picture of her from another occasion, but you can see the same imbalances.

My wife gets so annoyed when I point this stuff out…but hey, there is a price for making my watch these awards shows…I get to analyze posture…So Reese has an elevated right shoulder and her left shoulder seems depressed…think she needs some corrective exercise! Imagine over time the headaches, neck tension and wear and tear on the shoulder joint over the years if things stay this way?

Alright, enough from me! I hope you are having an awesome life. The winter can’t go on forever:)

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