Atlanta Personal Trainer Workshop for NASM and Back Home Again, This Corrective Exercise Specialist Enjoyed!

Back from another fun trip!

It is 12:48 am and got home from teaching an essentials of  personal training workshop (Certified Personal Trainer) about 35 minutes ago. Now that the dog has calmed down, I have had a snack and the cat has said “hello” I wanted to give a brief addendum to my report on the trip which I touched on in the last blog post.

I got to eat at Bistro del Sol at the Atlanta airport tonight. It is located before security and has wonderful fresh and healthy sandwiches, salads and fruits as well as some hot offerings.

Bistro del Sol ATL Airport

After I was through security I was tempted to hot wire this cool little trike that was left all alone in the corridor!

I  should have taken this for a joy ride!

..instead of getting myself in trouble I found some cool art work…photographs of cool stuff in outer space

Orion Nebula

Like the Orion Nebula and the star cluster of Pleiades (below)


and then thought of doing some shopping, I found some interesting goods in a display of confiscated items including this turtle creme

Who wants skin like a turtle?

Who wants skin like a turtle?

Honestly…does it make your skin as soft as scales???

Any-hoo, I had fun with this group and hope to see some of them on HFPN and the A-Team and maybe back at a PES (Performance enhancement Specialist) or CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) workshop? I did just teach a CES in Atlanta in the spring…or was it last fall??? Hmmmmm…

Well, time for me to catch some ZZZZZs. I have another video from my shoulder series to put up for you tomorrow. If you can’t wait visit today for a FREE DVD on training the shoulder complex.

Thanks for reading!

Eric Beard

CEO A-Team

Corrective Exercise Specialist

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