Bacon and Bananas: A Culinary Review by A Corrrective Exercise Specialist

One of the differences between my wife and I is our tolerance for unhealthy foods. Don’t get me wrong, we both eat relatively healthy, but she definitely has an appreciation for some foods that are outside of my realm of acceptable to consume on a regular basis. Bacon is a prime example. Recently we were out celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary at one of our favorite restaurants, The Flagstaff House in Boulder, CO

The FlagStaff House in Boulder

The FlagStaff House in Boulder

A View of Boulder from The Flagstaff House

A View of Boulder from The Flagstaff House

The experience was memorable as was the cuisine. Amongst several little touches that contributed to the success of the evening were several offerings “courtesy of the Chef”. They ranged from appetizers to inter-mezzos (basically sorbet to cleanse the palate). The first of which was presented on a two tiered carving that held crustini garnished with blue cheese and some peach on the bottom tier and a piece of bacon wrapped around what appeared to be a scallop on the top. My wife went right for the bacon encrusted item…which I thought I heard the waiter say was banana…put knew that I must have heard him wrong. She responded with a look of delight and satisfaction that can only come from tasting and ingesting a strip of animal fat soaked in butter. She immediately said “You have to try this!” I gave her the look that she has seen hundreds of times that conveys “Ummmmm…you know I do not eat bacon unless I have been stranded on a dessert island and have exhausted every last crab and
coconut and am about to perish from starvation.”

Yes I had one of these...

Yes I had one of these...

She persisted, urging that what was inside of the bacon was indeed banana and that I would love it. My first thought was “How much free time do you have on your hands when you are randomly wrapping bacon around things just to see if it will taste good?”.

Her response was “The goodness from the banana will cancel out the badness from the banana.”

She is an intelligent woman and does not usually speak so poorly but I got the gist of her comment, perhaps the lard had immediately migrated to an artery in her brain. I mulled over the opportunity and decided to live in the moment a bit and popped the bacon encrusted fruit into my mouth.
Homer Simpson Likes Bacon..."MMMMMM bacon.."
“Well, at least it looked like a relatively lean piece of bacon” I thought.

There was a light crunch and the tasty flavor that can only come from salted fat and a sweet soft lift from the banana within.

“You were right! that was good!”

“See? I told you! Good for you lightening up and trying it. You should write a blog post about it!”

My wife is often right, about many things (I am hoping that she does not see this in print however, so if you know her, do not alert her to this entry), so I listened and here the post is.

It was pretty darn good, along with the duck confeit, intermezzos, buffalo fillet and brioche encrusted Colorado Peaches and vanilla bean ice ream that I had that night. So the moral of the story is to live life and enjoy it as it comes. Sometimes it is okay to try things that are just outside of your comfort zone. I am not promoting that you should go against one of the major tenets in your life, please do not go out and harm an animal or covet somebody’s wife or anything, just be
open to the little treats and goodies that we may be missing because we are not open to something new.

And for you blossoming baconistas, visit, or for your artery clogging recipe ideas…Oh! and for my vegetarian readers check out this kosher and vegetarian option and .

Here is one redeeming quality of bacon, although I do not plan on having another piece of pig bacon anytime soon, however I do enjoy the occasional piece of turkey bacon with my eggbeaters,…Bacon has no trans fat (again, please do not tell me wife).

Thanks for reading!

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