Boston CPT for NASM Ends up With Some After Hours Corrective Exercise Action for Eric Beard

Happy Friday!

Had a fun first day at the Boston workshop today. I stayed after and worked on a dancer and did a few overhead squat assessments (ACL surgeries, car accidents and scoliosis).

Here is the treatment protocol that O followed for one;
Worked on a young female dancer after NASM CPT class today in Boston-
She had left medial knee pain
OHS-low back arch, excessive forward lean,
Released (inhibited) -Vastus lateralis, TFL, Biceps femoris (short head),
Stretched (lengthened) -TFL/ITB,
Activated-VMO Glute Medius,
Integration-BW squats, lots of cuing on loading the hips with a neutral L-P-H-C
Now moving much better! No pain after treatment.

And an assessment video from another;

He needs me to tear into that ankle and get things moving! He needs some deep tissue work for sure and yes the hip and shoulder are not far behind, but he seems to have issues from the ground up from repeated ankle sprains and peroneal strains. I hope to help him find a physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist or corrective exercise specialist that is licensed to perform manual therapy to help him out.

Well…couple of invites to send out for HFPN then time for my workout!

Thanks for reading.

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