Busy in Beantown: From 2 Day Workshops to Corrective Exercise and Tennis Training Video

Wow! Back on Monday after a great weekend. I taught a 2 day workshop on the Essentials of Personal Training for the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Boston, MA this weekend. A fun group. Several of them had been to presentations that I have delivered in the past. It was good to see them and learn what they were up to.

On Sunday sandwiched in between some awesome family time with the wife and kids I filmed the first 1/2 of my video “Secrets and Staples of Training the Tennis Shoulder”. My friends Meryl and Mal Lemeshow helped my with the process. They were both extremely helpful and patient. Thank you “M&M”!

One of the concepts that I touched on in the video was the Kinetic Chain. That our body (or movement system) is interconnected and only as strong as it’s weakest link. To minimize risk of injury, maximize power production and provide longevity in our sport of choice we must be able to effective transfer force from the lower extremity through the core into the upper extremity (or vice verse). If you take a look at this picture, Anna has an excessive arch in her low back. She is not able to transfer all of the force generated from her lower body to her upper body because her core is unstable and weak. If she “leaks” or wastes only 10% of that energy from her lower body, her shoulder must generate an additional 14% of energy/velocity to have the same effect on the racket and ball speed. that is a big waste of energy never mind a significant amount of stress on the shoulder joint.

So remember, when training the shoulder, sometimes the most important part is making sure that everything above and below the shoulder are working optimally first:)

Thanks for reading!

Eric Beard
Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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