But My Knee Only Hurts After I Play Tennis…

There are not that many knee injuries in the young athletes that I see…but when I look at the courts at the fancy high end tennis clubs and I see knee braces and joint replacements all over the place. I see some patella-femoral pain (often due to tight ankles and weak cores) but parents and young athletes shrug it off. This does through off some things in the short term, but let’s think long term.

When do you want your knee cartilage to wear out? It will happen sooner or later. Do you want to get your knee scoped at age 40? 50? maybe a total knee replacement at 60? Completely unnecessary if you ask me.

If we get people doing their self care (flexibility and core work) and get them moving well, these repetitive type injuries can be delayed significantly if not prevented all together.

Stop thinking just about the “big level 4 tournament” next weekend, think about the date with the orthopedist and the Mercedes you will hep him buy in 30 years.

Take care of yourself and your athletes!

Eric Beard

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