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Have You Ever Been Stereotyped? (To Niche or Not to Niche)

First of all do you say “nitch” or “neesh”? I feel snobby saying “neesh” so I stick with “nitch” even though I took a good amount of French when I was younger. Yeah…I don’t want to sound like this guy ever. Feel free to punch me if I do. We have heard for years that […]

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Damn Irish Curse

To be warned, this post has nothing to do with athletic performance enhancement, corrective exercise or really anything professional other than perhaps personal development. After being on the road for another Saint Patrick’s Day and being one of the only person out at a restaurant for the rare St.Patrick’s Day throw down who was not […]

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Does 30+30+30 Really Equal 90?

It has been too long my friends! Too long to properly update you on my goings on, here are my past three plus months in a nutshell

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Barefoot Training Part-2

Friday Night Blog Post? Why not? I started this on the plane the other day… I have been on the road a ton lately. Just this last week I have made two trips to Arizona and one to Denver. They were all good, productive trips. I had some very productive meetings at NASM corporate in […]

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A Pilgrimage to Wrigley, A Heel and Perform Better in Chicago

I had an awesome time representing NASM at the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Chicago last weekend. I’m going to summarize my notes from the presentations I attended while in Chi-Town. Not only was it a blast to deliver “Save Your Back: Get Your Butt in Gear!” on Sunday but I was able to […]

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