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Barefoot Training Part-3

Hi guys, I hope you had a chance to read parts 1 and 2 of this series; If not dive in anyway! I am continuing on with the topic of barefoot training. I am in the middle of sharing my experience sand will dive into the anatomical adaptations that take place when transitioning […]

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Barefoot Training Part-2

Friday Night Blog Post? Why not? I started this on the plane the other day… I have been on the road a ton lately. Just this last week I have made two trips to Arizona and one to Denver. They were all good, productive trips. I had some very productive meetings at NASM corporate in […]

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Perform Better Show Review: Barefoot Training – Mark Verstegen Part 1

I want to start by saying I enjoyed reflecting on the freedom that we have in our country thanks to the brave men and women that have felt so strongly in their patriotic beliefs to have fought for our country. Thank you for our liberty! The Perform Better Functional Training Summit is really one of […]

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Vibram FiveFingers, Chucks and a TRX

Well I did it. I bought some new kicks for myself. I gave some Chucks a try for a few months. The $35 on sale Name Your Link was an easier leap than the $85 for the Vibram FiveFingers. So I took the Chucks for a spin with good results. I switched in the middle […]

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