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Hips Don’t Lie: Fascial Creep is Real

The more time we spend in a seated position, the more prone to injury are. Muscle imbalances are a concern, however the real threat may be the adaptations that are occurring on deeper levels.
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TOPO Train//RX Shoe Review: Stability and Mobility?

TOPO What? TOPO Athletic is a footwear company. To learn more about them and their mission check out their website. I am posting tonight to share my experiences with a pair of their shoes the Train//RX. I have worn a handful of minimalist shoes over the last few years and have personal experience comparing […]
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Fascial Flexibility at the Perform Better Functional Training Summit

“Fascial Flexibility for Fitness Professionals”. I love using aliteration! This is the tittle of the presentation that I delivered at the Perform Better Summit  in Longbeach, CA this past weekend. Over 800 of the regions best were there to learn, share and grow. I know I did all three. I went to see Dr. Craig […]
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Movement, Soft Tissue Manipulation and Stretching for Recovery

Thanks for reading and remember to cool down properly for heavens sake! Nutrition, Cardio, Soft Tissue Manipulation and Lengthening Techniques.
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Quick Tip to Improve Dorsiflexion (making your calve stretch more effective)

Happy Thursday Night! I just got home from a trip to Arizona and I am ready for bed, but I wanted to share something with you that I have been using. After I perform soft tissue work on the lower extremity (foam rolling, SMR, manual therapy, trigger point therapy, active release technique…you name it) I […]
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