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Busy in Beantown: From 2 Day Workshops to Corrective Exercise and Tennis Training Video

Wow! Back on Monday after a great weekend. I taught a 2 day workshop on the Essentials of Personal Training for the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Boston, MA this weekend. A fun group. Several of them had been to presentations that I have delivered in the past. It was good to see them […]

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More on Core Training, You Can Never Get Enough, Especially Core Training for Tennis Players and to Prevent Low Back Pain!

Core Training “Core” training is pretty trendy, but very important. A good definition of the core is “the lumbo-pelvic-hip-complex (LPHC), thoracic and cervical spine. Basically, anything but the arms and legs.  The core is where movement initiates and where our center of gravity lies.  It is crucial for transmitting force from the lower extremity up […]

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Static Stretching for Tennis Performance

Here is another bit from my book on preparation, training and recovery for tennis players… Static stretching is a time tested, classic technique that has performed very well in research and in the trenches when trying to lengthen a shortened muscle. Static stretching is the process of bringing a joint or joints through a specific range […]

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Self Myofascial Release-Sample From My Upcoming Book

Self Myofascial Release (SMR): The Key to Self Care People frequently ask me how often they should perform SMR. My question back to them is “how many times a day are they supposed to brush their teeth”? Well here in the Northeast, dentists have been telling me three times a day for as long as […]

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The Inferior Capsule Should Not Be at the Bottom of Your List

Please take 3 and 1/2 minutes to watch this short video. It talks about the posterior capsule of the shoulder, what I meant to emphasize, but did not in the video very well, is I am talking more about the inferior capsule of the shoulder. The techniques still fit.  I hope you enjoy! Thanks for […]

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