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Fascial Flexibility at the Perform Better Functional Training Summit

“Fascial Flexibility for Fitness Professionals”. I love using aliteration! This is the tittle of the presentation that I delivered at the Perform Better Summit  in Longbeach, CA this past weekend. Over 800 of the regions best were there to learn, share and grow. I know I did all three. I went to see Dr. Craig […]
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Movement, Soft Tissue Manipulation and Stretching for Recovery

Thanks for reading and remember to cool down properly for heavens sake! Nutrition, Cardio, Soft Tissue Manipulation and Lengthening Techniques.
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Barefoot Training Part-3

Hi guys, I hope you had a chance to read parts 1 and 2 of this series; If not dive in anyway! I am continuing on with the topic of barefoot training. I am in the middle of sharing my experience sand will dive into the anatomical adaptations that take place when transitioning […]
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99 Problems But a Vision Ain’t One

I am listening to some Jay-Z on the Logan Express shuttle form the airport back home after an AWESOME 1 day personal training summit titled “Success Driven 2010: The Ultimate Personal Training Seminar” in Dallas, TX. The career school ATI put the shin dig on and I tell ya they did it right! Top notch […]
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Disney Vacation Workout: Corrective Exercise on the Road

I am on my way back from (or just got back from-depending on when I finish this-my 4 year old is playing with his cars so I have a moment or 2 now) an amazing vacation. My wife and three children took our first family trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. It was […]
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