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I Don’t Really Know What I Am Doing

Feels good to say! You may have figured that out by now if you know me pretty well, but if you met me at a workshop, you might think otherwise, at least I like to think that’s how I come off:) Now I don’t pretend to be something that I am not. In fact I […]
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2600 Fridays

I hope you are having an amazing Friday! Watch this short video, share your comments and pass it on if it makes sense to you. Eric Beard CEO A-Team Corrective Exercise Specialist Share| Twitter Username: Twitter Password: This information is not stored and only one tweet will be sent
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Will Smith Needs Corrective Exercise…but He Helps Me this Time

I have always like Will Smith and I do have he and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Parents Just Don’t Understand” on cassette as well as a very earlier recordings before he polished his image and actually talked like a teenager on a few cuts…any-hoo. I found this video on You Tube and LOVE IT! I have […]
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Revist, Recite, Re-Write Your Goals Dailly to Manifest your Dreams

There are endless goal setting exercises, but you can not just put them into a pretty little notebook, tuck them away and revisit them next New Year’s Day. Re-visit, recite and re-write your goals daily. Put them on 3×5 index cards, carry a notebook with you, put them on your dry erase board, make an […]
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Chunking Goals: Breakdown the Big Goals Into Smaller Actionable Steps

Having BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS (BHAGS) is great! For many that can feel overwhelming. I know it can feel that way for me. To make your BHAGs more manageable you must break them down into actionable steps. Anthony Robins calls this chunking. Brian Tracy does a wonderful job of laying this process out as well […]
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