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Full Length DVD Content FREE Here! Corrective Exercise and More!

Happy Tuesday! I now have the privilege of uploading videos to YouTube that are longer than 15 minutes. I am guessing that I have passed a certain number of uploads and maintained a positive status with You Tube. So basically I have not uploaded any iphone videos of a Bruins broadcast or anything like that. […]

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First Month of Another Fitness Challenge Brings Eric Beard Some Results

How has Another Fitness Challenge been going for you? I have been plugging away at improving my overhead squat and it has felt great! I enlisted the help of Krisitn Mohr, a physical therapist at Integrative Therapeutics in Natick, MA. She can be reached at if you want some work from her. She is […]

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How Much Is Too Much Range of Motion for The Shoulder Joint on Young Athletes?

Isn’t this pleasant? Some aspiring young athletes diligently preparing for their swimming workout by doing exactly as there coach has mandated? So sweet…look at their anterior shoulder capsules tearing as we speak, just precious. I hope the sarcasm is obvious. The person that is teaching these young girls this probably has zero investment into their […]

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Stop Doing This If You Value Your Shoulders

Here is the answer to the question I posed in my last post on shoulder injuries; •Shoulder injuries make up a particularly large proportion of injuries in the following sports:o Baseball: 18 percento Wrestling: 18 percento Football: 12 percento Softball: 10 percent I was about to go on a tirade about upright rows and did […]

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Overhead Athletes Take Head

Click on the link below to access a very good article on preparing athletes for the rigorous demands of throwing. It is rare to find an article this concise that actually delivers a good chunk of usable content. I work with mostly tennis players however, some basketball, football, hockey and baseball players as well. The […]

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