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99 Problems But a Vision Ain’t One

I am listening to some Jay-Z on the Logan Express shuttle form the airport back home after an AWESOME 1 day personal training summit titled “Success Driven 2010: The Ultimate Personal Training Seminar” in Dallas, TX. The career school ATI put the shin dig on and I tell ya they did it right! Top notch […]

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Who Know’s Squat? Corrective Exercise Specialists Do

Things usually start out pretty well for us in life. Warm house, water bed to sleep in, plenty of food, people talk to you, read to you…then you are born and muscular imbalances follow…in children as young as 6 I might add. It can start here… then goes to here.. pretty soon we end up […]

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What’s Wrong With This Core Training Picture? A Corrective Exercise Specialist Knows

What is wrong with this picture? Read the text…”An Introduction to Core Stability”…an introduction??? how is standing on the ball an introduction? Maybe this wins style points and get a consumer to purchase something, but this is the message that many coaches and trainer have been fighting against for years. Quality before quantity! Master the […]

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Don’t Get Too Big With the Big Picture…Sometimes We Miss Small, but Important things When it Comes to Corrective Exercise"

I was reading a blog today that had some good info on it about corrective exercise, rehabilitation and enhancing athletic performance. The author quoted a couple of pioneers in this field, Vladimir Janda; and Shirley Sarhmann. The feel of the blog was that total body movements were the best thing to do. He did not […]

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USA Women’s Rugby; Powerful, Tough Women Need Ankle Mobility and Core Stability Too

Today I had the pleasure of working with a member of one of the USA Women’s Rugby Teams. I won’t say which one to keep client confidentiality, but there are more more one team and many women on the team scattered around the US. She was referred to me for some manual therapy for a […]

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