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Please Read This: Gratuitous Boston Marathon Post Part 4: The Juice

When we first got down to the marathon route, we caught the tail end of the first heat of elite runners. These guys were moving! Most of them were still a mess-protracted shoulders, all bam-string, no glute…but it is still impressive to see people who have truly worked on their craft for years in the […]

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A-Team Members: Be You a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist or Otherwise…Start Blogging Now!!!

Hi guys, Two videos for you tonight. the first is about 8 minutes and in it I cover the importance of blogging. The second video is a little longer, but it builds on the importance of blogging and takes you through a step by step process of how to start your own blog! The screen […]

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More on NASM PRO and Eric Beard’s A-Team!

Hey guys, If you are looking for more info on my NASM PRO A-Team check out my new blog that I started just for you! One short 23 second funny video and one 4 minute 42 second informative one plus a few paragraphs. I am fired up! Check it out!! Back with more on […]

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What is the ATeam Exactly???

Thanks for stopping by! I set this blog up to answer some common questions about the ATeam and NASM Pro. Here are a few quick videos to try and answer some questions. This is a funny 23 second clip that I shot tonight while I was buying food for my lab, Murphy, at the pet […]

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Corrective Exercise, Internet Marketing and The A-Team???

The A-Team Just like “Hannibal”, “Faceman”, “Howling Mad Murdoch” and “B.A Baracus” (Bad Attitude if you didn’t know)…this rag tag group with common bonds and special skills worked together in an unorthodox manner as well intentioned mercenaries to fight injustices. Somehow it all came together at the end of each can hear Hannibal now […]

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