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My Thoughts on the Level 1 Functional Movement Screen Workshop

I got a nice treat a few weekends ago. I got to sit in the seats of a continuing education course instead of leading one. I thoroughly enjoyed Gray Cook and Lee Burton’s 2 day presentation of the Functional Movement Screen Level 1 workshop sponsored by perform better.
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Please Read This: Gratuitous Boston Marathon Post Part 4: The Juice

When we first got down to the marathon route, we caught the tail end of the first heat of elite runners. These guys were moving! Most of them were still a mess-protracted shoulders, all bam-string, no glute…but it is still impressive to see people who have truly worked on their craft for years in the […]
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What is Missing in Most Fitness, Performance and Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise Programs?

What is Missing in Most Fitness, Performance and Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise Programs? Here are some of my and my students observations. Thanks for checking in! Eric Beard CEO A-Team Corrective Exercise Specialist Share| Twitter Username: Twitter Password: This information is not stored and only one tweet will be sent
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FLY This-Eric Beard Shows a Cool Variation for Core Stability plus Another Fitness Challenge

I love exercises that integrate the lumbo-pelvic hip complex stabilizers with the movers of the extremities. Kneeling, standing, lunging plus any variety of movement the options are limitless. They can help with athletic performance enhancement, metabolic training and corrective exercise. This is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy! I shot this at NASM […]
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Overhead Squat Assessment-Excessive Forward Lean from Ankle Restriction at NASM CES Workshop by Eric Beard

This girl was a participant at a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) that I taught for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in Calabasas, CA last week. I used a modified version of the overhead squat and goniometry to identify that a movement impairment stemming from the ankle was driving this compensation. She had 5 […]
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