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Movement, Soft Tissue Manipulation and Stretching for Recovery

Thanks for reading and remember to cool down properly for heavens sake! Nutrition, Cardio, Soft Tissue Manipulation and Lengthening Techniques.
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USA Women’s Rugby; Powerful, Tough Women Need Ankle Mobility and Core Stability Too

Today I had the pleasure of working with a member of one of the USA Women’s Rugby Teams. I won’t say which one to keep client confidentiality, but there are more more one team and many women on the team scattered around the US. She was referred to me for some manual therapy for a […]
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Core Training for Tennis

Here are some outtakes from presentation I will be sharing with the Chinese Tennis Association next week. This section is on Core Training for Tennis and Activation Techniques for Tennis; nThe smaller postural muscles must be developed to provide joint stability to allow for maximal force production, force transmission and velocity. nThis will reduce the […]
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Static Stretching for Tennis Performance

Here is another bitĀ from my book on preparation, training and recovery for tennis players… Static stretching is a time tested, classic technique that has performed very well in research and in the trenches when trying to lengthen a shortened muscle. Static stretching is the process of bringing a joint or joints through a specific range […]
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