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Damn Irish Curse

To be warned, this post has nothing to do with athletic performance enhancement, corrective exercise or really anything professional other than perhaps personal development. After being on the road for another Saint Patrick’s Day and being one of the only person out at a restaurant for the rare St.Patrick’s Day throw down who was not […]

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99 Problems But a Vision Ain’t One

I am listening to some Jay-Z on the Logan Express shuttle form the airport back home after an AWESOME 1 day personal training summit titled “Success Driven 2010: The Ultimate Personal Training Seminar” in Dallas, TX. The career school ATI put the shin dig on and I tell ya they did it right! Top notch […]

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A Shot in the Arm!

Les Brown is one of THE top motivational speakers. Well worth the time investment to watch these videos. I always get something from watching them. and if you are not up to date on my professional career…watch this;) Thanks for watching and reading! Eric Beard CEO A-Team Corrective Exercise Specialist < Share| […]

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I Don’t Really Know What I Am Doing

Feels good to say! You may have figured that out by now if you know me pretty well, but if you met me at a workshop, you might think otherwise, at least I like to think that’s how I come off:) Now I don’t pretend to be something that I am not. In fact I […]

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Who Is Watching You?

I don’t mean right now, or in your shower or anything, but I do mean when you are alone and have the choice between engaging in reading, writing, listening or learning or flipping through 200 plus tv channels praying that you find something to watch. We need down time and probably all do not get […]

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