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Shoulder Injuries Waiting to Happen; Corrective Exercise vs. Rehabilitation

Happy Monday! As I was perusing the Internet, looking for “stuff’ to blog about I came across an article that appeared in a major market online newspaper written by a self professed “personal trainer and rehabilitation specialist“. This “rehabilitation specialist wrote about these two exercise to do at home if you do not have equipment;“Triceps […]

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Tennis Players: It Doesn’t Matter "How You Slice It" Corrective Exercise Before a Problem is Better Than After One!

In elite junior players, the overall incidence of shoulder injury typically ranges from 10-30%. 80% of these injuries are overuse injuries. Impingement is right up there as well statistically… Question; can we prevent overuse injuries in elite junior tennis players? Or do we just rehab or surgically repair it all the time? maybe we should […]

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