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Brian Tracy Has Performed Corrective Exericse for my Head

A great short video on time management…I have a couple of Brian Tracy’s books and audio programs…well worth the investment. If you really want to be blown away take these tips to transform your life over the next decade…Increase your income by 1000%. Exponential growth and beyond. Hope you enjoyed! Eric Beard Corrective Exercise Specialist […]

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To Washington D.C. and Back!

As I get ready to run from the shuttle to the gate at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC I am reflecting on my day. 1:37 am go to bed after doing/folding laundry and cleaning pots and pans/loading/running dishwasher Alarm goes off at 4:45 am Get in my car and promptly break the switch that […]

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"Save The Clock tower!"

All I could hear in my head when I saw this clock in a suburb or Rochester, NY yesterday was Dr. Emmit Brown from the movie Back to the Future trying to harness 1.1 gigawatt’s to power his time traveling Delorean for Marty. I got a nice small town feel from the old time bridges, […]

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