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Full Length DVD Content FREE Here! Corrective Exercise and More!

Happy Tuesday! I now have the privilege of uploading videos to YouTube that are longer than 15 minutes. I am guessing that I have passed a certain number of uploads and maintained a positive status with You Tube. So basically I have not uploaded any iphone videos of a Bruins broadcast or anything like that. […]

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If You Do Dips; Corrective Exercise and/or Surgery Are Inevitable (Revisited)

The topic of dips comes up at workshops that I teach pretty frequently. They have been a staple of the body building, group exercise and body weight training scene for years. A simple take off on the parallel bars or rings in gymnastics. So what’s the big deal about dips??? Well Google shoulder pain and […]

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Got Rhythm? Scapulohumeral Rhythm? If Not Your Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Joint Will Pay, Often With Impingement

Ahh…the wonderful complexity of the human body! The principles of human movement are relatively basic, but the organism and how it works is fantastically unique and complicated at times. The sport does not matter, the activity does not matter, we must simply be able to move in a coordinated manner with joint alignment and muscular […]

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How Can Sitting On Your Rear Hurt Your Elbow? Corrective Exercise and Manual Therapy Can Help!

Hi There Does this look and feel familiar? Even for those of us who move our body for a portion of the work day must get stuck with the inevitable paper and or computer work. My student athletes are subjected to these postures for 6 plus hours a day at school, never mind meals, transportation […]

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