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Full Length DVD Content FREE Here! Corrective Exercise and More!

Happy Tuesday! I now have the privilege of uploading videos to YouTube that are longer than 15 minutes. I am guessing that I have passed a certain number of uploads and maintained a positive status with You Tube. So basically I have not uploaded any iphone videos of a Bruins broadcast or anything like that. […]

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Upper Extremity Reach Range of Motion Assessments

A video of upper extremity reach assessments. Do I need some corrective exercise? Eric Beard CEO A-Team Corrective Exercise Specialist Share| Twitter Username: Twitter Password: This information is not stored and only one tweet will be sent

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Shoulder Stabilization for Christmas Tree Decorating

This is the earliest that I ever remember getting a Christmas Tree. It usually takes until the second or third week of December for me to get into the holiday spirit, but I had a great day with the wife and kids decorating the tree and may warm up to the season a little earlier […]

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Never Do This Exercise if You Want Healthy Shoulders, Especially If You Are A Tennis Player

A very intelligent man who has been widely regarded in the health, fitness and performance industry as a got to “guru” recently said at a national conference on tennis performance and conditioning that upright rows were one of the staple exercises tennis players should be performing on a regular basis. My jaw drops and blood […]

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The Kinetic Chain

This picture here has several independent segments highlighted. What does each of the segments share in common?…..They are all either directly or indirectly attached. The wonder of the body and the human movement system (often referred to as the Kinetic Chain) allows for a fluid and complex series of interactions between the muscular system, skeletal […]

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