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High School Athletes Just Can’t Do It: Strength Training

Well they can do it, and should do it….but they don’t do it very well to start:) …and for those of you who were wondering how you did on your breathing test….if your top hand moved first and more, that is dysfunctional breathing. the bottom hand should have moved first and more to indicate that […]

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Self Myofascial Release-Sample From My Upcoming Book

Self Myofascial Release (SMR): The Key to Self Care People frequently ask me how often they should perform SMR. My question back to them is “how many times a day are they supposed to brush their teeth”? Well here in the Northeast, dentists have been telling me three times a day for as long as […]

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Wii Related Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow

Wii tennis injuries are on the rise for sure. We actually got a Wii system for our family (myself, my wife and three kids) this Christmas and we got Wii Sports with it. I have to tell you…it is awesome! I love playing tennis and bowling with my 6 year old daughter the most. She […]

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