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Secrets and Staples: Calve Stretching Secret

The slant board calve stretch is the most effective way that I have found to have clients add some length to this often shortened structure. I like to use multiple techniques, but will review the static stretch for the calves in today’s post. This can be an effective corrective exercise technique for those who demonstrate […]
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My Knees Hurt, What Should I Do? Corrective Exercise of Course!

Corrective Exercise for Knee Pain I have had countless tennis players come to me with “sore knees”.Well, the knee joints are pretty important to all of us whether we are running around a green, grassy, blue or clay court chasing a fuzzy green ball. Even a couple of hundred yeas ago, if our knees joints […]
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Should You Warm-Up Before You Stretch? Your Friendly Neighborhood Corrective Exercise Specialist Says "Don’t Waste your Time!"

What does 2 time NBA MVP Steve Nash do before he stretches? Not warm-up by running around the basketball court…. That might sound a bit inflammatory since we have been telling people for years not to stretch “cold”. When we look at the research around this topic, we may not want to spend 5-10 minutes […]
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Static Stretching for Tennis Performance

Here is another bit from my book on preparation, training and recovery for tennis players… Static stretching is a time tested, classic technique that has performed very well in research and in the trenches when trying to lengthen a shortened muscle. Static stretching is the process of bringing a joint or joints through a specific range […]
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Shoulder Health For Tennis Players and Overhead Athletes

Hi there, I had a few minutes to make this video for you. Watch this 3 and a 1/2 minute video to learn one of the most powerful injury prevention techniques for the shoulder and elbow!  Thank you for watching. Eric Beard Corrective Exercise Specialist Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist Share| Twitter Username: Twitter […]
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