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I Don’t Really Know What I Am Doing

Feels good to say! You may have figured that out by now if you know me pretty well, but if you met me at a workshop, you might think otherwise, at least I like to think that’s how I come off:) Now I don’t pretend to be something that I am not. In fact I […]

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Revist, Recite, Re-Write Your Goals Dailly to Manifest your Dreams

There are endless goal setting exercises, but you can not just put them into a pretty little notebook, tuck them away and revisit them next New Year’s Day. Re-visit, recite and re-write your goals daily. Put them on 3×5 index cards, carry a notebook with you, put them on your dry erase board, make an […]

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Chunking Goals: Breakdown the Big Goals Into Smaller Actionable Steps

Having BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS (BHAGS) is great! For many that can feel overwhelming. I know it can feel that way for me. To make your BHAGs more manageable you must break them down into actionable steps. Anthony Robins calls this chunking. Brian Tracy does a wonderful job of laying this process out as well […]

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Talking About; Personal Training, Corrective Exercise and Successfully Changing Lives in Atlanta!

At home with the Mrs. with the kids in bed. We had an awesome Sunday together. Thank goodness the warm weather is here! I was away on the road again early in the weekend. I uploaded this picture of a sculpture I saw in the airport in Atlanta that reminded me of my kids and […]

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Good to be Home

I enjoy my work on the road, but my true passion is currentyl upstairs sleeping, my three children. It is easy to get caught up making a living and making a difference for others, but at the end of the day it has to happen at home. I admit that personal and professional balance is […]

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