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Is Tom Brady’s Knee and ACL Ready to Go? Inside Infomation From A Corrective Exercise Specialist…

Ever show up on the right date, the right day, the right time but to the wrong place? That happened to me today. I showed up at the MGH PT clinic (pictured to the left) to do a presentation for Life Fitness Academy and they had no idea who I was (which is no big […]
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How Can Sitting On Your Rear Hurt Your Elbow? Corrective Exercise and Manual Therapy Can Help!

Hi There Does this look and feel familiar? Even for those of us who move our body for a portion of the work day must get stuck with the inevitable paper and or computer work. My student athletes are subjected to these postures for 6 plus hours a day at school, never mind meals, transportation […]
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More on Core Training, You Can Never Get Enough, Especially Core Training for Tennis Players and to Prevent Low Back Pain!

Core Training “Core” training is pretty trendy, but very important. A good definition of the core is “the lumbo-pelvic-hip-complex (LPHC), thoracic and cervical spine. Basically, anything but the arms and legs.  The core is where movement initiates and where our center of gravity lies.  It is crucial for transmitting force from the lower extremity up […]
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Static Stretching for Tennis Performance

Here is another bit from my book on preparation, training and recovery for tennis players… Static stretching is a time tested, classic technique that has performed very well in research and in the trenches when trying to lengthen a shortened muscle. Static stretching is the process of bringing a joint or joints through a specific range […]
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