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Shoulder Dysfunction and Contra-Lateral Sacroiliac Joint Health in a Tennis Player

Happy Thursday night! It seems that I don’t usually get to posting on Thursday nights, but I’d like to get more regular with my blog. And no not to talk about increasing my fiber intake. I don’t have a video to share this week just some insights. (actually I just uploaded one for the edit!!) […]

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Is Tom Brady’s Knee and ACL Ready to Go? Inside Infomation From A Corrective Exercise Specialist…

Ever show up on the right date, the right day, the right time but to the wrong place? That happened to me today. I showed up at the MGH PT clinic (pictured to the left) to do a presentation for Life Fitness Academy and they had no idea who I was (which is no big […]

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Never Do This Exercise if You Want Healthy Shoulders, Especially If You Are A Tennis Player

A very intelligent man who has been widely regarded in the health, fitness and performance industry as a got to “guru” recently said at a national conference on tennis performance and conditioning that upright rows were one of the staple exercises tennis players should be performing on a regular basis. My jaw drops and blood […]

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How Do You Think His Shoulder Feels After He Plays Tennis?

Actually, it’s not just his shoulder. Shoulder dysfunction often manifests itself as elbow pain or tendinitis, wrist pain and/or headaches.Good posture is the the most basic common denominator proven to facilitate longevity and athletic performance enhancement. Your sport does not matter, the alignment of your structure does. With all of the tennis players that I […]

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More on Posture

Importance of Proper Posture: Proper postural alignment puts the body in a state of optimum neuromuscular efficiency. Proper alignment will ensure that the muscles of the body are optimally aligned at the proper length-tension relationship necessary for optimum efficiency. This will allow for proper joint mechanics and effectively absorb forces through the kinetic chain, alleviating […]

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