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Is Your Strength Training for Tennis Too Intense?

Well something tells my this guy just got surprised by a malfunctioning ball machine or is just generally just way to tense. No need to stress about a strength training program for tennis players however. Most people just jump right into traditional strength training programs and are not ready and they end up seeing short […]

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How Do You Think His Shoulder Feels After He Plays Tennis?

Actually, it’s not just his shoulder. Shoulder dysfunction often manifests itself as elbow pain or tendinitis, wrist pain and/or headaches.Good posture is the the most basic common denominator proven to facilitate longevity and athletic performance enhancement. Your sport does not matter, the alignment of your structure does. With all of the tennis players that I […]

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Posture and Athletics

Does this picture look familiar? I can still feel this position from my plane flight and car ride today. It is easy to forget about posture when you are sitting and the computer, driving in the car or flying but these habits can have long term impacts on our athletic performance. Poor posture is one […]

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Don’t Do This When Stretching Your Shoulder

If you look like this when you are performing your posterior capsule stretch for your shoulder…stop. It is a common error. I have a picture down below on my blog of what correct execution looks like. The elbow should stay at a 90 degree angle and the elbow should be directly in front of the […]

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Stop Doing This If You Value Your Shoulders

Here is the answer to the question I posed in my last post on shoulder injuries; •Shoulder injuries make up a particularly large proportion of injuries in the following sports:o Baseball: 18 percento Wrestling: 18 percento Football: 12 percento Softball: 10 percent I was about to go on a tirade about upright rows and did […]

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