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Thoracic Spine Impairment and Dysfunction

Moms for years have telling us to sit up straight and have good posture. They were probably right! First sitting at school, then grinding away to our computers at work and now spending our social lives slouched over our mobile devices, all are conducive to long term orthopedic consequences. We go from standing tall early […]

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Loss and Respect

Not loss of respect, but loss “and” respect. At what age do kids understand the permanency of death? Most five years olds don’t, at least not right away. Eight year olds? Nine year olds? It might sink in a little quicker for them. Showing respect around a wake, funeral or other ceremony to honor a […]

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Hips Don’t Lie: Fascial Creep is Real

The more time we spend in a seated position, the more prone to injury are. Muscle imbalances are a concern, however the real threat may be the adaptations that are occurring on deeper levels.

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TOPO Train//RX Shoe Review: Stability and Mobility?

TOPO What? TOPO Athletic is a footwear company. To learn more about them and their mission check out their website. I am posting tonight to share my experiences with a pair of their shoes the Train//RX. I have worn a handful of minimalist shoes over the last few years and have personal experience comparing […]

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The Three “R’s” Rest, Recovery and Regeneration: Part 1

Exertion can come in many forms; physical, cognitive and emotional to name a few. Exertion is a critical aspect of life.

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