Causes of Low Back Pain

Did you know that 8/10 people in the United States will experience back pain?

Talk about an epidemic! My speciality is assessing joint movement and muscle strength that can contribute to low back pain due to muscular imbalances, poor posture and repetitive movements and athletic injuries BUT…there are many other more serious causes of back pain. If you are having chronic low back pain, please see a licensed health care professional. SOME potential causes included;

•Abdominal aneurysm
•Irritable Bowel Syndrome
•Hormonal conditions

There are stretches and exercises that when performed correctly and regularly that can help to improve the health, mobility and stability of your low back. You must understand which exercises are best for you and then (this is worth repeating) execute the stretches and strengthening exercises well and on a regular basis (4-7 days per week).

Please see your physician or a licensed health care practitioner to rule our any of the more serious causes of back pain! It may save your life!

More on improving the health of your low back later!

Eric Beard

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