Celebrate Jack LaLane, Do Not Mourn His Loss, Rejoice in His Life

This is one of those times that people get sad when a great or significant person passes away when people seem sad and go into mourning. If this is a direct love one and you need to go through the grieving process, I understand, but when we are talking about health and fitness icon Jack LaLane who died peacefully in the presence of his family this past Sunday at the impressive age of 96, I think it is a time for a celebration of his life.

I am too young to have experienced most of Jack’s impact first hand. I merely get to enjoy the foundation he has laid and learn anecdotally about his life and accomplishments. Here are some of my favorite other Jacks are;

Captain Jack Sparrow in Fine Form

Jack Lambert was Vicious on the Gridiron

KRS One Raps about the Jack of Spades

Just Jack!

The Jack we need to celebrate now is this guy…

Jack LaLane now and then

Wish I Ever Looked This Good


To learn more about what he was really about, visit his site and watch the short video on the home page.


It was not just his amazing feats of fitness but his commitment to changing lives. He believed in helping people be the best they could through fitness. He achieved when he was told that he couldn’t. Success when so many thought he wouldn’t. He was called a quack and a nut job. He was doubted, challenged and disrespected. He rose above and lived his mission like no other. Thank you for the example Jack. You made the world a better place.

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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