Corrective Exercise 2010 Summer Update

The summer is flying by again!!!

In the NorthEast we have had beautiful weather, much better than the 7 week deluge of 2009.

it just would not stop raining last summer!!!

I was on the road 11 days out of 21 from the end of July to the first week of August and have enjoyed the last 2 weekends at home for sure. I spent some time in an small Integrated Manual Therapy workshop with NASM CEO Dr. Michael Clark in Mesa, AZ which was just amazing! Thanks Mike!!! We studied assessment and treatment of the pelvic girdle. I have been able to provide relief for so many of my clients since applying this information.

I wanna be like Mike!

I also taught two NASM Essentials of Personal Training Workshops and an NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Workshop. I got to visit; Washington, DC, Denver, CO and LA ( and Calabasas), CA. I did stop by the IDEA World 2010 Awards Ceremony in LA as well. Two friends of mine, Tanya Colucci and Lance Breger, were nominated for co-directors of the year. I am very proud of the them and the work they do with that brings health, fitness and wellness to underfunded schools in teh Washington, DC area. Tanya is the founder and Lance is the president.

I shot a handful of videos over this time including this one on Thoracic Spine Mobilization and corrective exercise technique;

Another on Adductor Magnus Dysfunction;

This one on OPT Model Periodization for Max Strength Training for a basketball player during the offseason;

This one on a corrective exercise stretch for the posterior capsule of the shoulder (gleno humeral joint);

This one on a Power Training compound set with a medicine ball and Power Plate;

I post these videos on You Tube and usually Facebook. If you are not following my You Tube Channel and want to see these videos as soon as I post them then follow me at;

Well, that’s it for me. I had a fantastic day on Cape Cod at the beach, playing mini-golf and downing homemade ice cream fro the Ice Cream Sandwhich in Sandwhich, MA!!

Hope you are having an awesome summer too!!!

Thanks for reading.

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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