Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement for The Shoulder Complex Has Evolved


I have been putting every waking hour into my new 6 disc DVD series Secrets and Staples of Training The Athletic Shoulder and it is finally ready!

If you want to deliver faster and greater results for your clients and position yourself as an expert with the shoulder complex then this is the system for you. A comprehensive 6 DVD system that takes you through the shoulder complex “soup to nuts”.

Check out my sire and you can get access to FREE video about training the rotator cuff and also a FREE DVD (the first in my series of 6) that covers the 11 Components to Delivering Health and Function of the Shoulder.

I hope you love it, I honestly have not seem another program that has this much information in it that can help you and your clients, patients and athletes reach faster and more powerful results. From corrective exercise to athletic performance enhancement. This system is chocked full of good stuff!

Click here to visit now

I hope my favorite quarterback is following this approach, lol! My Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are ready for another big season and  I don’t want #12 on the sidelines!

Thanks for reading!

Eric Beard

Corrective Exercise Specialist

CEO A-Team

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