Corrective Exercise, Internet Marketing and The A-Team???

The A-Team

Just like “Hannibal”, “Faceman”, “Howling Mad Murdoch” and “B.A Baracus” (Bad Attitude if you didn’t know)…this rag tag group with common bonds and special skills worked together in an unorthodox manner as well intentioned mercenaries to fight injustices. Somehow it all came together at the end of each can hear Hannibal now “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Can you imagine BA on a foam roller??? lol!!

Who would you be??? Faceman was always my favorite as a kid!

I feel like the plan is coming together for me too which means I am another step closer to helping more people directly with corrective exercise, moving touching and inspiring even more professionals to do the same, finding a way to give back to the community and providing for my family while I do it. Now that fires me up!!!

Why am I so bleary eyed in my video below?? I flew to Mesa Arizona to visit the corporate offices of the National Academy of Sports Medicine for a training on the NEW NASM PRO and to lay down some audio for the site webinar tutorials. This sound room was cool, you don’t see all the material on the other walls that absorbed the extra sound!

Here I am with two of my good buddies Marty Miller an ATC, CES and an NASM Instructor for NASM (left) and Scott Pullen Director of Fitness and Nutrition Education for some fancy tittle these days- (with the guns) at lunch.

I haven’t been there since before they switched buildings, must have been 2 years before that. I am at the Calabasas location @ 3 times a year to teach however. Here is a pic of me with Ben Tucker the President of NASM PRO, great guy and devoted family man.

Here is a short video that I shot this morning while waiting for my shuttle at Logan Airport. I look pretty rough…actually still fee pretty rough, but was too excited to sleep on the plane and have not been to bed since Wednesday night!

This is short…but you will get the gist!

Thanks for reading and watching!

Eric Beard
Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist

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